Linda J Moughemer Becker
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Artist Statement

Frequently inspired by the natural world, my work invites the viewer to experience anew those things in life and nature that cause wonder. In an effort to enhance that appreciation and sense of enchantment, I frequently work very sculpturally, layering stones and metals to present a sense of depth and multiple contrasts.

My work is produced by classic fabrication techniques that have been used for thousands of years. I also work with forms created on a 20-ton hydraulic press. Most recently I have begun to incorporate some precious metal clay elements because of the wonderful sculptural opportunities. In addition to the designs and actual depth of my pieces, my work is unique because of the use of hand selected one-of-a-kind stones which frequently dictate many of the design elements.

The qualities and appearance of silver most frequently claim my allegiance as does a larger format. However, I also work with gold and have done pieces that are made of or use brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, acrylic and found objects. I am always exploring new techniques and materials that will support my vision. I frequently desire to create dramatic singular works of artistic merit that employ recurring themes. I absolutely love to do this work.

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